Miniaturized 6-axis F/T sensors

Resense 6-axis force torque sensors measure forces and torques in the 3 spatial directions (6 degrees of freedom) using resistive measurement elements. The main advantages are their compact size (up to Ø 8 mm) and the hollow shaft option, which are enabled by the sensor's multi-part deformation body.

The 6-axis F/T sensor kit includes the F/T sensor, the electronics box and an application software to display and record the measurement values.

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WITTENSTEIN and WIKA set up joint venture

WITTENSTEIN, the mechatronics corporation, and measuring equipment specialist WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG have set up a joint venture to develop, manufacture and market miniaturized 6-axis force /torque sensors for the industrial market starting from April 1, 2023. 

The two partners will each hold 50% of the shares in Resense, which has its headquarters in Klingenberg am Main (home of WIKA).


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F/T sensor kit & USPs



  • Small size (up to Ø 8 mm)
  • Hollow shaft option
  • Redundant measurement system (safety)
  • Custom drill hole pattern 
  • Titanium deformation body
  • Cable options (Flex cable with FPC connector or round cable)



  • Embedded signal and filter options 
  • 1 kHz sample rate
  • UART and USB interface
  • Sensor matrix implemented
  • 10 bit (true) precision



  • View real-time sensor data
  • Record sensor readings
  • Export and import measurings in multiple formats

Technical data

  • Sensor
  • Electronics box

HEX 10

HEX 12

HEX 21

HEX 32

  Data sheet


  Diameter a)

10.5 mm

12.5 mm21.0 mm32.0 mm

11.0 mm

11.0 mm11.0 mm11.0 mm


< 10 g

< 10 g< 10 g< 10 g
  Nominal measurement range    

Fx, Fy, Fz

± 25 N± 25 N± 50 N± 125 N

Mx, My, Mz

± 125 mNm± 125 mNm± 500 mNm± 2.25 Nm

Technical specifications

  Resolution10 mN (1 g) 
  Accuracy b)1%
  Overload capacity300%
  Product features    


Titanium grade 5, aluminium

Protection class

  Temperature range0 – 50 °C
  TechnologyStrain gauges

Flex cable with axial/radial cable outlet
and Sub-D-HD connector

Round cable with radial cable outlet
and Sub-D-HD connector


a) The diameter excludes any connector or cable features.

b) The accuracy is the difference between the applied and the actually measured load.
The maximum measurement accuracy in percent refers to the full scale value of the sensor.


Product feature


100 x 86 x 34 mm


Supply voltage

5 V



  Sample rate100 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz


10 bit (true), 3 σ
  Temperature range0 °C – 50 °C

Target applications

Medical technology

  • Surgical robots
  • Prosthetics and exosceletons
  • Haptic devices

Humanoid robots and robotic grasping

  • Humanoid and legged robots 
  • Anthropomorphic dexterous hands
  • Finger force research 

Video: Robotic texture recognition

Industrial gripping and handling

  • Collaborative robots 
  • Parallel grippers 
  • Industrial handling solutions


Customers and partners use our sensor technology to solve cutting-edge research questions and challenging applications from industry. You can find an overview of recent publications below:

  • Markert et al. (2022): Comparing Human Haptic Perception and Robotic Force/Torque Sensing in a Simulated Surgical Palpation Task, IEEE IROS 2022. Read more
  • Schäfer et al. (2022): Measuring interaction forces in surgical telemanipulation using conventional instruments, Robotica 2023. Read more
  • Mayer et al. (2022): Hand-Held Device for Force Estimation during Tool-Tissue Interaction, ACTUATOR 2022. Read more
  • Sandykbayeva et al. (2022): VibroTouch: Active Tactile Sensor for Contact Detection and Force Sensing via Vibrations, MDPI Sensors 2022. Read more
  • Markert et al. (2021): Fingertip Force/Torque Sensing for Robotic Texture Fingertip 6-Axis Force/Torque Sensing for Texture Recognition in Robotic Manipulation, IEEE ETFA 2021. Read more

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